Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Tess, a twenty-something book addict, writer, aspiring editor, and hardcore advocate of all things cute and fluffy. Thanks to my day job at a writing center, I hear terms like "writing pedagogy" on a semi-regular basis, which has not (fortunately) deterred me from my ultimate dream of being a super author, flowing cape and all.

I've been obsessed with YA literature ever since I was thirteen and reading Meg Cabot books like my life depended on it. Now, a decade later, I'm still head-over-heels in love with the genre, and who can blame me? The high-velocity adventures, the raw emotionally-charged scenes, the YUMMY guys--SO addicting! Other than YA, I also devour my fair share of historical fiction, as well as middle grade, sci-fi, and fantasy fiction.

ChatterTale is the result of my almost pathological need to inform people of an awesome read (or conversely, warn them to stay far, far away from a particular book). When I've finished a good book, all this excitement bubbles up inside me, and it's like I can't NOT help gushing about it to everyone around me--even strangers on the subway! (Okay fine, that hasn't happened yet, but some days I really feel like I can just reach over to the person sitting next to me on the subway and be like, "OMGOSH YOU NEED TO READ THIS. NOW.") There's just something about an awesome story that makes you want to tear down normal social barriers and share its awesomeness with the world!

So expect lots of sharing here, from detailed book reviews to giveaways (woohoo, free books!), and other fun randomness like this one:

"Oh 'ello! I'm HIPSTA PUPPEH! And I shall hypnotize you with my cuteness!"

(Sadly, that is not my dog... *tear* but ISN'T HE ADORBS?! Someday I'll own a dog just like that and dress him up in oversized hipster glasses and tiny fedoras. In the meantime, I shall continue trolling the internet for pictures of cute puppies.)

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