Review Style

My book reviews read like a reader's report, a brief yet thorough rundown of an unpublished manuscript's strengths, weaknesses, and commercial viability (usually written up by editorial interns/assistants). And just like how a reader's report is meant to let an editor/agent know if a manuscript is worth taking up, my reviews will let you know if a book is worth your time -- or hard-earned cash!

The Format

The Essentials: From the title of the book to how long it is, I've got you covered.

Synopsis: Introduces the story, as told from the back cover or jacket flap.

First Impression: From the cover to the synopsis, what kind of initial thoughts did I have about the book as a reader?

The moments/aspects of the book that make me want to do THIS.

"Meh" Moments: 
The moments/aspects of the book that make me want to do THIS.

For fans of: Other titles and authors similar to the book.

Buy or Borrow? My opinion on whether it's a One-Time read or a Must-Have for your bookshelf.


All reviews are 100% subjective. I might be absolutely, head-over-heels in love with something, but it might not be your cup of tea and vice versa!

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